PP20TRI FL-20 Pro Pack II with Tri-Beam Ice-Ducer

FL-20 Pro Pack II with Tri-Beam Ice-Ducer

FL-20 Pro Pack II with Tri-Beam Ice-Ducer

Vexilars most popular winter fishing system is the Pro Pack II. This system offers great performance features in a super durable case with a built-in gimbal bracket to support your flasher. The Pro Pack II System is offered with the FL-12, FL-18, FL-8se and FL-20 units. Standard features include a rod holder, tackle box, universal transducer holder, D-130 Battery Status Indicator, cable holding cleats and a 12 Volt, 9 amp-hour battery with charger. The Pro Pack II has been designed to fit into a five gallon bucket, and has an optional soft pack carrying case available. Each system is factory assembled and tested in the USA.

The Pro Pack comes completely assembled and ready to fish with. It also includes an instructional video.

Packed with features and enhanced sonar performance, the FL-20 promises to deliver live action, three-color sonar that will change the face of fishing. The FL-20 has a sleek profile with a bigger display, and two auto zoom ranges that split the display screen to let you focus in on just the bottom 6 or 12 feet of the water column. It offers target ID down to inch and displays depths down to 300 feet. The all new 20 foot Low Power range setting aids fishing in shallow water or thick weeds. The FL-20 comes with a night and day mode. The night setting allows you to cut the output of the LED display by 50 percent to avoid getting night blindness when looking at the super bright LEDs. The FL20 also comes with a low battery indicator. The FL-20 is the ultimate multi-season sonar system.


  • Auto Zoom Mode (AZ) - Gives a half screen zoom window of the bottom six feet of depth. No matter if you're in 10 feet or 100 feet, the bottom six feet always fills half of the screen. This gives you resolution never before possible in deep water!
  • Low Power Mode (LP) - Reduces the output power by 50%. This feature takes the place of the Vexilar S-Cable.
  • Super Bright and Rock Solid Display - The new Light Emitting Diodes along with a high power driver circuit and a screaming fast wheel speed gives the FL-20s display unmatched brightness and signal clarity.
  • Five Depth Ranges - The Standard FL-20 includes 20', 40', 60', 80', and 300 foot ranges.
  • Interference Rejection - Pressing in on the Gain knob cycles you through ten different IR setting to allow you to knock out interference from another close by depth finder.
  • Vexilar 12 volt, 9 amp-hour battery delivers long lasting power. Pack comes complete with charger.
  • An FL series three-color flasher from Vexilar, the world leader in three-color flasher technology. (FL-20 shown)
  • The D-130 Battery Status Indicator helps keep track of your battery while in use.
  • Two cable holding cleats.
  • Adjustable rod holder with two possible mounting locations.
  • The patented Ice-Ducer system is a self leveling transducer with float for accurate transducer positioning every time.
  • Easy access to tackle box
  • PC-100 case fits inside a five gallon bucket.
  • Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories
  • Universal transducer holder (on the back)
  • Two-year warranty (One-year on battery)


  • Frequency: 200 kHz
  • Power output: 400 watts peak-to-peak (50 watts RMS)
  • Display resolution: 525 segments
  • Current draw: 200 ma at 12V DC
  • Dimensions: 4.4"H x 6"W x 2.5"D
  • Depth Range: Maximum 300 ft.
  • Weight: 1.1 lb.
  • CE Certification: A001P100713005E

Video: FL-20 Pro Pack II

FL-20 Pro Pack II

Pro-Staff Advice

Chris Beeksma

Pro: Chris Beeksma
Subject: A Flat Advantage

Vexilar's FL-20 with the new flat face feature (among other new features) has allowed the ice fishermen to fish differently than in the past. The advantage of long sensitive ice fishing rods is now attainable by having a flasher than does not have to be viewed head on. The FL-20's bright wide screen can easily be read 10 ft from the hole to allow an angler to see fish he may have not seen before. Go ahead...Stick your head outside of your tent and talk to your fishing partner ahhhh but glancing back you can easily see the fish that have moved in near your bait. No more sitting practically on top of your hole to allow your flasher to display its magic. Zoom....has been the rave among ice fishermen since the Fl-18 came out with the ability to zoom in the first six feet up from the bottom. The FL-20 doubles your zoom capability with a choice of 0-6 and 0-12 ft options. I love to fish big bottom dwelling blue gills and deepwater lake trout. The FL- 20 zoom feature really enhances your ability to catch these bottom huggers as the flasher magnifies everything that is going on near the lake floor. The combination of zoom and the Fl-20's ability to take me to 200 ft and the FL-18 to 300 ft (deepwater version) doesn't leave much of an escape route for the big lakers of the Apostle Islands area of Lake Superior. Yes, I can see my 1 oz Lindy Flyer in 230 ft of water and Lakers coming up to eat it. Take advantage of the extra features of the FL-18 and esp FL-20 this upcoming winter season.

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