Frequently Asked Questions

Vexilar is one company that prides itself on customer service. They actually have real people who answer the phone 8 to 4:40 PM Monday through Friday to answer your questions. This section of the web site is one of the most popular, because it directly addresses 90% of the questions you may have when using your Vexilar products, so before you try calling Vexilar at 2 AM in the morning, just take a few minutes to read some of the most common questions, your answers could be right in your computer. If you don’t find an answer here, please check the Forum or else Email Support.

General Questions

 I don’t have the owners manual for my unit. Where can I get it?

All manuals and instruction sheets for our current and recent products are available forfree download. You can save to your computer and/or print them out. If you want a hard copy, or you need a manual for an old product, please contact us.

How do I get my product serviced?

Vexilar, Inc. Attn. Service
6667 W Old Shakopee Road
Suite #101
Minneapolis, MN 55438

Learn more about the warranty here

When you send the unit in, please include a short note about the problem, your return address, and telephone or email. We can contact you if the repair looks to be expensive or if you request an estimate. Service time generally runs about 5 working days

Forgot my password. How do I reset my T-BOX back to factory Settings?

Resetting the T-BOX: When the system is ON, press the ON/OFF switch three times, quickly within 3 seconds. The system will then need to be turned off and then re-start. Now the name and password will be back to factory default: 12345678.

How do I contact an actual living breathing person at Vexilar, Inc.

At Vexilar, Customer service is critical to everyone who needs it.Click herefor all contact options. We have plenty of humans, eager to help. Office hours are 8:00AM to 4:30 PM Monday -Friday 

What is an FAQ?

It's a Frequently Asked Questions to help Vexilar owner's find the solution to commonly asked questions without having to call the factory..