Are the power cords interchangeable from unit to unit?

No. The FL-8s and FL-18s use the same rectangular power cord and the FL-12, FL-20, FL-22, and FLX-28 all use the same round power cord.

Will my transducer from my old Vexilar flasher work on my new FLX-28?

Yes. All Vexilar flasher transducers are interchangeable no matter what year they were made.

Does the FLX-28 have interference rejection like my other Vexilars?

The FLX-28 now has 20 interference rejection settings to choose from. Our older models have 10 interference rejection settings.

How do I change my FLX-28 from meters to feet?

First you need to get 14 volts to the unit. One way to do this is to plug the unit in to a charger and catch it right before the charger light turns from red to green. At this point you can do the same procedure that you would do to go into “Weed Mode”. Turn the unit off, set the gain at “0”, select “Normal” on your mode switch, and turn your unit on while holding in the gain button.

What improvements does the FLX-28 have over the FL-20?

The FLX-28 is now brushless. It also is the first auto ranging flasher ever made. It has five color palettes to choose from that uses even brighter LED’s for better viewing in direct sunlight. The FLX-28 has a weed mode and even has a digital depth indicator along with LED depth markers.

I like using Auto Zoom but my signal is too strong.

You can use Auto Zoom and Low Power at the same time. To do this turn your unit off, put the gain at “0”, set the mode switch to “LP”, and turn your unit on while holding in the gain button. The unit will briefly say “Low Power” when you first turn it on. Now all mode functions are in Low Power. Simply turn the unit off and back on to go back to normal..

The signal strength is a lot stronger than on my other Vexilars.

Most of this sensitivity is coming from the Proview Iceducer.  Switch your unit to “Low Power” mode to reduce the sensitivity.

I thought the FLX-28 was silent with the new brushless design?

The brushless design does make the FLX-28 quieter than other units, however, there is still a motor spinning the light wheel at 2500rpms.

Why does my FLX-28 jump to 300ft while I’m hole hoping in Auto Range?

Any time you move the transducer you are changing the depth. The unit will default into the 300ft range while recalibrating the depth. This can also happen if you have a weak signal or don’t have the transducer below the bottom of the ice.

How do I know when my battery is getting low?

At 10.5 volts “Low Battery” will appear on your display. It’s always a good idea to keep your battery at full charge as much as possible to increase its lifespan. At 12 volts your battery is actually at about 50-60%.