FL-8 Questions

How long can I expect my FL-8 to last?

All of the FL series flashers are incredibly durable. The case, switches, and electronics will last for many years. The motor and display brush assembly, however, have a limited life time. You can expect to replace these two items every 5 to 7 years, if you use the unit a lot.

Tip - Get the brushes replaced before they wear down too far, it may save your motor and some repair cost. We even have a Brush Replacement Kit for the do-it-yourselfer. Get it here.

I have a SiTex, Micronar, or Hondex FL-8. Is that your product too?

Vexilar was not involved with the FL-8 before 1990. Any product manufactured under the other names was not made by us, nor did we "buy out" those manufacturers. We can, however, provide parts and service for all of the older FL-8 models.

How can I make my FL-8 look brighter?

Often, the older FL-8 units get an accumulation of "brush dust" on the interior of the unit. This tends to affect the display, slowly, over a period of time. A good cleaning, and possibly a new brush assembly, is in order. You may be able to perform this service yourself.Click herefor detailed instructions on how to do so.

Can my older FL-8 be upgraded so it will have the new feature of the SE?

No it cannot. Well, not cheaply anyway. The differences in circuitry between the FL-8 and the SE version are too great to make upgrades available. The cost would approach that of a new unit.