Cable is damaged

Damaged Ice-ducer cables can be repaired if the damaged portion is further than 4 inches away from the transducer.  Any closer doesn’t leave enough wire to work with to repair properly.  If you want your cable repaired send it in the Vexilar.  Ice-ducer repairs typically cost $15.00 labor plus $10.00 shipping.

My unit is damaged. Can I get it repaired?

We can repair most items that come in the door and a lot of the time at a cheaper price than buying new.  You can either send your item in for service or buy replacement parts.

            There are a few items that aren’t able to be repaired.  There no fixes for weak transducer or ones with a cut in the cable less than 4 inches from the transducer.  Units that have been underwater have a fifty percent chance at best to be repaired depending on how bad the corrosion is.  Failed battery status indicators and chargers out of warranty should just be replaced.