Matt Breuer

Matt Breuer has been fishing his entire life, and the last 6 years of his life have been spent guiding in the Bemidji area. He runs Northcountry Guide Service, which has been a popular and successful company in the area since it’s inception. He provides anglers with full service guided trips in the Summer chasing a variety of species, specializing in walleyes. He also operates throughout the Winter running fish house rentals on the famed Upper Red Lake as well as Lake Bemidji. He runs private ATV/portable guided trips in the Winter as well.

Matt has been freelance writing for years, and his articles have been published in numerous magazines and on numerous fishing websites. He also does some public speaking to promote some of the companies who make products he uses and believes in. He is part of a weekly radio show which features many of the top names in fishing, and he’s been featured on television as well.

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  1. Tom Saatzer says:

    Please tell me the differance between the tri and pro, transducers.

    • Tom Saatzer says:

      Watched Crappie Paradise and Tom covered it nicely……

    • Matt Breuer says:

      Sorry, Tom! I didn’t see this comment until just now! Glad you found the info you were looking for. Nobody covers it better than Tom Z.!

    • Butch Levandowski says:

      I am a little confused by the different transducers. I believe the higher the degree number of the transducer the larger the cone angle but at what depth? What would be the best transducer to get for the average fisherman that rarely fish’s water deeper that 40 feet. ? Thanks in advance for your help.,

      • Matt Breuer says:

        Your assumption is correct. The 12 degree is a great all around beam for the multi-species angler, who doesn’t fish deep water often…

  2. Doug Ackles says:

    Hi Matt,
    I am coming up to Red Lake for the first time next week. I just bought a Vexiilar F18. Never used one. Should the transducer be floated just below the ice or does that matter. Thanks for the help.

    • Matt Breuer says:

      The ice is getting quite thick in Northern MN, so I would try using the float to keep your ‘ducer vertical. The less cord down the hole, the easier it will be to land fish!

      Good luck up here!

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