Jim Kusuda

Jim Kusuda is a prolific ice fisherman from south central Wisconsin. Mendota Jim can often be found chasing deep water perch or jigging up saucer sized bluegills in the shallows. He bought an original FL-8 Ice Box from Dave Genz in 1991 and has been exclusively using Vexilar flashers ever since. Their reliability and ongoing improvements for visualizing the world below the ice have helped him be more successful at finding and catching fish over the years.

Jim is a touring ice fishing competitor who has fished in the Ice Team Trap Attacks and the NAIFC tournament series. He is known as being the kids ice fishing instructor for these national events. Vexilar three color flashers (and now underwater cameras) are an important part of the education process for new ice fisher people. He is certified by the Wisconsin DNR as an Angler Education Fishing Instructor and promotes ice fishing safety as well as fun in his presentations. Jim helped establish the local Yahara Fishing Clubs Kids Ice Fishing Day, a popular community event on Monona Bay in downtown Madison.

  • Home town: Madison, WI

3 Responses to Jim Kusuda

  1. Mike Baccus says:

    Good Morning,

    I am looking at buying my first Vexilar and was wondering if you could give me some suggestions for WI fishing. I fish mostly Rock Lake by Lake Mills for crappie and bluegills, and I do a lot of perch fishing up on Lake Winnebago. I am wondering what Vexilar set up you would suggest for my types of fishing? I am looking at the FL-20 but am not sure what transducer would be best and if the FL-18 would do the same things. I’d welcome any advice or tips for a local professional.

    Thank You


    • Jim Kusuda says:

      I feel that the FL-18 and 20 are quite similiar in function, although the 20 has also a 12 foot zoom and the 18 has Bottom Lock for boat fishing. Flat screen or sun shield, multiple or single viewers? Day in and out, I prefer a 12 degree iceducer as it is the best of both worlds, a solid compromise between scanning for the presence of fish as well as seeing your presentation clearly. Thanks for the question, I’ll be at Madison Gander on Jan 19-20 if you can wait that long!

  2. Bill D. says:

    Hi Jim,
    I like to ice fish Monona and Mendota. I recently inherited a FL 8STL that wasn’t used much. I tried it out on Mendota perch fishing, but it couldn’t find my jig and copper sinker on a swish rod set up after around 30 ft. I’m guessing it’s from the 19 degree transducer. Would buying a tri-ducer be the fix? Thanks for your help.

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