Blue Light Conversion

Have your FL Series Flasher colors converted to the new unique look of Cool Blue. The bright red color stays the same, but green and orange are replaced with vibrate Blue and Purple. Great for giving a striking change to the way your flasher looks. It’s also great for those who are color blind and have never been able to see the colors do what they are meant to do.
The Blue Light Conversion is available for these models…

* FL-8*
* FL-8se
* FL-12
* FL-18
* FL-20
* FL-22
How to Get the Blue Light Conversionfor Your Unit.

 Send us your flasher to receive a Bluelight conversion and a unit check-up. We’ll look your entire system over to find any potential problems like worn brushes, circuit problems, or a weak transducer. If anything looks to be a problem, we’ll contact you to see if you want to take care of the problem now. Payment is usually handled with a credit card over the phone.”
Send it to:
Vexilar, Inc.
Attn: Blue Light Conversion
6667 W Old Shakopee Road
Suite #101
Minneapolis, MN 55438
Please include a note with your unit detailing anything you want done, your return address, and telephone number and/or your email address. If you don’t want to include payment, we can call you to get a Visa or Master Card number. The turnaround time will be between 5 and 7 working days.